Hungarian Tanks & AFVs of the Cold War

Circa 4,000 vehicles 1947-90
Hungary had the smallest air force of the Warsaw Pact and its land forces were also reduced. If by 1 July 1986, the Ground Forces had 83,000 personnel, the Air Forces 22,000 for a total of 105,000 personnel, tanks and AFVs figures are only known for 1988: 1,200 T-54/T-55 tanks, and circa 100 Soviet made T-72Bs (allegedly), 90 2S1 122mm, 20 2S3 152mm self-propelled guns, while BTR-152s were mostly in reserve at that time, but still BTR-60/70s (circa 200). PT-76s were also likely in reserve, along with around 1,200 D-442 FUGs and D-944 SPzH APCs.

About 5,000 armoured vehicles 1947-1990.

in the 1950s the Army was at first equipped with un unknown number of T-34/85 tanks, but also 68 IS-2s, in service in 1950-1956, the Hungarian Revolution had all of them were returned to the Soviet Union. For years, Hungary had an occupation army and few vehicles of its own, but re-equipment started in 1960, under the watchful eye of the Soviet Union. Therefore with time, the Army received gradually 1,200 T-54 and T-55 tanks and from the late 1970s only 100 Soviet made T-72's. The Hungarian artillery corps comprised 225 M-1938 122 mm and 50 M-1943 or D-1 howitzers and ij the late 1970s, some 90 2S1 Gvodizka 122mm and twenty 2S3 Akatsiya 152mm self-propelled guns.

Soviet Union also delivered BTR-152s, BTR-60s, BTR-70s (allegedly but numbers unknown), and some BRDM-2s (They had two rear view mirrors and only used post-cold war with ISAF). Hungary used also the VS BRDM-2 (vegyi sugárfelderítö úszó gépkocsi) NBC reconnaissance vehicle, no longer in service. Similar to the BRDM-2RKhb, but with a square metal flag dispenser on the right rear. Specialised equipment consists of detection and analysing equipment MK-67P, DS-10, Gid-3, IH-95 and TMF-2. Hungary also received 100 PT-76 amphibious light tanks, ordered in 1957 from the Soviet Union, and delivered between 1959 and 1960.

The rest of the specialized park comprised 45 2K12 Kub SPAAML, two Czech MT-55A, two BLG-60M, two VT-55, two VT-72B, two BAT-2 armoured tracklayers 50 PTS-2 large amphibious tracked vehicles and 3 Pontoon Bridge sets. Note, some of these, Czech, Polish or East-German built were possibly received after the fall of the USSR.

A completely renewed Park of Armored Vehicles

To modernized its army, Hungary quickly get rid of its T-54/55s (upgrades, if any, are unknown), only keeping their 100 T-72Bs and obtaining about 195 T-72M/M1 from Soviet and Belarus stocks in the 2000s (delivered until 2006). 31 T-72M and 164 T-72M1 in 2009, with 15 in active service, 113 in reserve, 77 donated to new Iraqi Army. Hungary announced and order for 44 Leopard 2A7+ tanks from Germany to replace them in the 2020s.


The country also purchased other equipments from Russia, namely 555 BTR-80 to replace its older models, BTR-60/70s and BRDMs. These are modernized versions, including a medical rescue variant and NBC variant. Numbers given in particular are 120 BTR-80A and 260 BTR-80 and 4 BTR-80 VSF.

The renewal's most spectacular additions are currently 12 Leopard 2A4s, acquired in 2020, plus 44 Leopard 2A7+ to be provided FY2022-2025.

The Lynx IFV is also the most ambitious Hungarian project so far. On August 16, 2020 the Government of Hungary and Rheinmetall Group signed a contract to start manufacturing the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle in Hungary. It is Estimated to reach full operational capability by 2026-2027. Versions are to include also the Mortar Carrier (120mm), Armoured Ambulance, and Mobile Command Post (C2/C3). The 209 Lynx will be protected by the Rheinmetall's StrikeShield system.

Other modern vehicles of the Hungarian Army includes:
  • 10(40 ordered) Gidrán MPVs co-prod. with Turkey and Germany
  • 20 Oshkosh M-ATV used in Afghanistan (under leasing)
  • 16 Cougar MRAP (same)
  • 42 second hand International MaxxPro MRAPs
  • 80 M1151 HMMWV
  • circa 30 NMS 4x4 Infantry Mobility vehicles co prod. with Turkey
  • 24 ordered PzH 2000 German self propelled guns
  • 5 ordered WISENT 2 ASVs
  • 3 ordered Leguan AVLBs
  • 9 ordered Büffel (BPz 3)

  • Rába tactical trucks

    Sofskin Vehicles
  • 12 Polaris RZR used by Hungarian spec forces
  • 63 RMMV tactical trucks 2007 + 150 HX 77 order
  • 88 Unimog trucks
  • 223 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
  • 300 Rába trucks in 3 versions (2004-2007)

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JSTOR The Hungarian People's Army, 1947-1954, Laszlo Bencze and Frank N. Schubert.
Army recognition Hungarian Leo 2A4

Equipment of the Cold War Hungarian Army

Hungarian T-34/85 in 1947

Hungarian IS-2 in 1950. These 68 vehicles were taken back to USSR after the 1956 revolution.

Hungarian T-54

Hungarian T-55

Hungarian T-72B in 1975: 100 provided.

Hungarian T-72M1: 164 total, with 130 in reserve, puchased 2000-2009. 34 active in 2020, to be replaced by the Leopard 2A7+

Hungarian 2S1 Gvodizka

Hungarian 2S3 Akatsiya

Hungarian MT-55A (Polish-built)

Hungarian 2K12 "Kub"

Hungarian VT-55 (Czech-built)

Hungarian-built D-442 FUG (1964)

Hungarian-built D-944 SPzH APC (to come)

Hungarian BTR-152 (60 provided)

Hungarian BTR-60 (150 BTR-60Ps ordered in 1961, delivered 1963. 7 BTR-60PU-12s delivered in the 1980s.

Hungarian 9K35 SAM: 7 ordered 1979, delivered 1981-1983

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