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☄ About the site name: If a "Tank" is obvious to anyone in this context, "AFV" is an acronym which stands for "Armoured Fighting Vehicle". It is a catch-all definition for all military vehicles armoured (and armed), tracked or wheeled. For soft-skinned vehicles please visit truck-encyclopedia.com. See also The 2015 archive.
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New Entries

♆ 22/03/2024
soviet tanks Landsverk L-10
The first Swedish Tank The Landsverk L-10 (Army stridsvagn m/31 or strv m/31) was a Swedish late interwar medium tank. It was the second attempt by AB Landsverk to produced a tank suitable for a large production which developement went from 1930 and 1933, and it was quite advanced for its time (all-welded constructio, periscopes) and featuring a rapid fire Bofors 37 mm anti-tank gun, two Browning M1917, up to 24 mm of armour. But after being tested, only three prototypes were evaluated, but production was not greenlight. At last it was a solid base to develop the next iteration, the L-30.
♆ 19/04/2024
An update and expansion, with twice as more data and 6 more illustrations of the old post on the LVTP-7, waiting to be aired on tank encyclopedia. The vehicle replaced the Vietnam era bulky LVTP-5, and was of the same generation as the Bradley and Abrams program, but intended as the main mount for the Marines (USMC). Upgrades programmes, sub-variants, planned replacement lineage.
♆ 15/04/2024
russia tanks Kamaz Typhoon
The KamAZ-6396 Typhoon is a family of Russian Modular, Armored, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles made by the truck builder KAMAZ. It is a whole family of 6x6 vehicles under the Typhoon program. As of 2021, 330 Typhoon-K had been received. The Typhoon exist indeed in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 variants sharing a lot of elements, manufacturer code 5388, 6396 and 6368. This post is about the 6396 and its single cargo variant Kamaz 63968. Export customers so far are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and those captured by Ukraine. In April 2024, 28 Typhoon cargo and 9 Typhoon APC were either lost or captured in the current war in ukraine.

WW1 Tanks & Armored Cars

Born in the Trenches, when the front became static, the idea of the tank was a resurgence of ...science fiction, when some looked at HG Wells' "land battleships" novel. In UK, development was stirred by Wintson Churchill and the Navy. In France, by an artillery officer, J.B. Estienne. And soon the world took notice. Tanks were rare and few in between still, with grand plans in 1918 that never were realized. When the front was not static, armored cars reigned supreme.


WW2 Tanks & Armored Cars

In 1939, thanks had nearly two decades to evolve at peacetime rate, though the boiling of new ideas of tactics and combined arms, with some armies more acute of these than any others. Ground combat proved absolute masters of these new ideas, the Wehrmacht, with luck and opposite incompetence. After moving to USSR, the fight moved to Africa, then to Italy and back to Western Europe at large, driving fast-paced innovation in a deadly food chain contest.

cold war

Cold War Armoured Fighting Vehicles

The atomic age started with the opposition of two superpowers, which developed deterrence but at the same time, always considered conventional warfare. Far from peaceful, this second half century, until 1991, saw gradual improvement, with a gap of twenty years before generations, towards 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation main battle tanks and a cohort of armoured personal carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, and many specialized variants, wheeled and tracked.


Modern Armoured Fighting Vehicles

As the recent conflict in Ukraine shows us, the tank is still useful in the frame of a conventional war. However drones unexpectedly showed deadlier as well as artillery. Between 1991 and 2024are we really seeing a radical transformation of ground warfare ? One thing is sure through for all generals: The main battle tank is still king of the battlefield, when well used and accompanied. From city scapes to desert, steppe, rolly hills and mountains, even coming from the sea, the tank adapted and is there to stay.


Nissan Crocodile Rhodesia 1980s

South Africa: Bosvark, MRAP Samil-50 Kwevoel RV, Ribbok, Wolf, Hippo
Israel: Merkava II, III, IV, M109A5 Doher/Rochev, Magach 5 Golan, M113 Golan/Zelda Toga (IDF service), MAR 290/90, M3 HT in IDF service, M50 AGM launcher, Haviv MLR, Eshel HaYarden , 160mm-Makmat, M2310 shilem
Britain: FV 433/438 swingfire, Lloyd carrier, Vickers Mk.I MBT, Centurion AVRE, Light Mk.IV Colonial Pattern, Light Tank Mk.II, Wasp Carrier, Bren Carrier (update), FV430 Bulldog, FV105 Sultan, FV103 Spartan
USA: M37 HMC, M548, M728 CRV, M37 HMC, M40 155mm HMC, M20 Command car, XM-723 (MICV-70), T12E1-combination-gun-motor-carriage, M15 Combination GMC, M13 MGMC, M12 155mm SPG, M14 MGMC, M17 MGMC, M39 Carrier, T1 Cunningham, M22 Locust, M3 HMC-75mm, M4 sherman flail, Marmon CTLS, Sherman-MkV-Crocodile, M136 VADS, M108 SPG, LAV-300, M113 FIST, M106 MortarCarrier, M577 Command, M730 MIM-72 Chaparral, M103, M110 howitzer
USSR/Russia: 9P148 Konkurs, 2S7M Malka, 2S19 MtsaS, 9M317 BUK-M2, 9K330 Tor, 1S91-kvardat, 9K37M1 buk-M (SA-17-Grizzly), 2S35 Koalitsiya, Kamaz Typhoon, 9P148, BTT-1, MT-55, 9P157-2_Khrizantema-S, 9P163M-1-Kornet, 2S23-Nona-SVK, 9P148-Konkurs, 9K31-Strela-10, BMO-T, BMP-2M, BPM-97-Vystrel, BTR-T, Ural Typhoon, VPK7829 Bumerang, R-381T-Taran, R-145BM, PTS-II, STZ-5 tractor/BM-13-16(Ni tank), Pioneer(Komomolets), T26T/BNSP reco vehicle/TP26, Ya12 tractor(T60/70), GT-MU soviet airborne APC, GAZ-2330 Tigr
China: Type 63G mod. light tank, VT4, Type 83 SPH, Yitian-SPAAML, PLZ-07, PLZ-52, PGZ-07, PTL-02, Type 63C APC amphib Ukraine ready: BMP-1U, Varta MRAP, BTR-60M Khorunzhy APC , BTR4 MV1, 2S22 Bohdana
And also: TAB-77, LAV-6, GAZ-3937 'Vodnik', M120 Rak (base Rosomak), ShKH vz. 77 DANA, RCH-155, AHS Krab, ShKH Zuzana, Archer, T-155 Fırtına RODEF-4, Pereh-tank-destroyer, T34-D30-SPH, Iranian Rakhsh-APC, Patria II AMV, Light Tank Mark II, Mark III, Spanish AFVs interwar, TAB 77+ B33 Zimbru, Ford Lynx, Rhodesian Crocodile, Serge CDS, Jordan Khalid MBT, Jordan Al Hussein, Leonardo-M60 , wasserwerfer-SK2, BTR-152 vz53 SPAAG, MT-55, BTS-4A, BTS-2, M47M_AVLB, Renault FT command, 370-Recoiless-GunsSPG, TC5000XYB

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armoured trains encyclopedia

Armored Trains.
The New section in development

The same database as for tanks: Railroad networks developed in the XIXth soon found a military use. Before even WWI, train attacks led to armed and armored trains. This had going on for more than a century now. This will cover all WW1, WW2, but also cold war and even recent armoured trains on the long run.

Draisine R
21/04/2024 l Kraznaya Zvezda (1942)

Krasnaya Zvezda or "Red Star" was a single draisine built in February 1942 as a prototype to replace prewar Soviet T-26 turreted draisines (only 9 existed). This single vehicle was the result of armoured locomotive designer Lebedyansky at the Kolomna Locomotive Plant (V. Kuibyshev plant) repairing KV tanks and their V-2K diesel engines. With two of the latter and a single KV-1 model 1940 turret, one of the most impressive armoured draisine was created, but it's whereabouts are foggy.


Military Trucks and staff cars.

A dedicated section for softskin vehicles, from WWI to this day: Trucks, staff cars, reconnaissance vehicles, and artillery tractors: Truck-Encyclopedia.com.
FN AS 24
FN AS 24 F.N. AS 24 "tricar/trike"
20.04.2024 The Belgian Fabrique Nationale AS 24 was a Motorized utility Tricycle for transport, collapsible to be paradropped in airborne operations, used until 1983. Some 463 AS 24 were manufactured, plus at one or more prototypes. It was decommissioned from 1984 and up to 1990 at the latest. Its battle records includes operations in Congo (Zaire), notably Operation Dragon Rouge, a hostage rescue mission in Kisangani on Nov 24-27, 1964, where it proved intrumental...

Older Entries:

BM-27(9P140) Uragan * Berliet GBC 8 TK (1965) * Ford Taunus (1963) * Fiat 634NM (1933) * Chance vought M561 1+1/4-ton 6x6 "Gama Goat" (1969) * Mercedes L3000 (1938) * BM-13 Katyusha * Fiat SPA CL-39 (1939) * GMC 353 Bofors * Scania T112 (1981) * Isuzu TSD-45 and HTS 11/12 (1960-80) * 9K33 OSA * Caterpillar D7 * Fiat 508 CM * Komintern Tractor * Morris CS8 * M35 series * Krupp Protze * SPA Dovunque 35 * Citroën-Kégresse P17 * Magirus-Deutz Jupiter * GAZ-51 * M274 Mule * CMP Chevrolet C60S * Toyota Land Cruiser Prado * Autocarreta OM * OTR-21 Tochka * Leyland Retriever * Studebaker US6 * Breda TP 32 * R380 Hades TEL * JSDGF Trucks * Sd.Kfz.7 * GAZ 63
antitank encyclopedia

The Antitank-Encyclopedia.
All the means to destroy a Tank.

From early antitank cannons and rifles to missiles, mines and RPGs.
25 mm Hotchkiss AA
20.04.2024: The mitrailleuse de 25 mm contre-aéroplanes modèle 1938, abbreviated as 25 CA, M38 and follow-up was a light anti-aircraft autocannon designed by Hotchkiss. It was copied in 1936 by Japan (33,000 build mostly for its Navy) and used by the Spaniards, Romanians, France and Germany after capture, with c600 made until the fall of France. It was capable of limited antitank roles when depressed at -10°, capable of 260 rpm and firing AP rounds at 875 m/s (2,870 ft/s) at up to 3 km (9,800 ft) on lightly armored vehicles, however no use in portee are known.