Semovente L3 da 47/32

Italy (1939) 1 Prototype Tank Hunter

The Semovente L3 da 47/32 was Italy's first attempt to make a tank destroyer by placing the 47mm 47/32 cannon on an armored vehicle, designed in 1939-1940. In this case, the chassis of an L3/35 tankette was used. The weapon was mounted at the very front of the vehicle, and the crew compartment was made open-top to accommodate it. Originally, the gun was fully exposed, which led to concerns about the crew's vulnerability to small arms fire. A gun shield was added to address this issue and the prototype was completed. At least one prototype (possibly more) was built based on this design, but the vehicle was deemed too small to effectively carry the 47mm cannon and was rejected. The Semovente L40 da 47/32, based on the Carro Armato L6/40 light tank, was selected for production instead. I think that the Semovente L3 da 47/32 would make an excellent tier 1 tank destroyer for the Italian tank tree! I would place it at a BR of 1.0-1.3, around the L3 tankette with the 20mm anti-tank rifle (perhaps tabbed underneath it). Although this vehicle only reached the prototype stage I would like to see it in the main tank tree, as Italy needs every indigenous vehicle they can get.

I'll add a stat card from Ralph Ricco's "Italian tanks and combat vehicles of WWII", as it is pretty accurate, with also some additional notes and corrections from Pignato and Cappellano's "Gli autoveicoli da combattimento dell'esercito italiano" volume I that I used to double.check all the informations. Hope this will be helpfull.:) - Correction 1): In the stat cart that you'll find at the end of this post Riccio states that the overall height of the machine is 1310mm, which is instead the height of the machine without the gun shield, the correct one is 1500mm. -Notes: 1) The crew was composed of only two people, the driver on the right and the gunner on the left. As you can see in the photo below the driver was supposed to help the gunner loading the gun after the machine reached its final position, as it was originally designed as a fast way to deploy the 47/32 cannon, lay in ambush and wait. (in the game this won't be possible as the driver is constantly driving, so the rate of fire will be slower). 2)The gun shield was also intended to be detached and stored on the sides of the machine during travel, as it limited the driver field of view, and then reassembled reached its final position. This won't be possible in game because it will just bring the protection level of the L3 to "0" and because the stored shield only added protection to the engine. 3)The suspensions were also modified to withstand the weight and the recoil of the 47/32 cannon. Here's the picture were you can see the gunner and the driver, plus the new suspensions of the L3, below you can see the small view port for the driver on the left of the shield (these are just clearer images of the ones you have already posted): And here's the stat card from Riccio; last note, Riccio doesn't specify the thickness of the shield in his card but it actually was 10mm on the frontal part and only 5-6mm on the inclined, external one (you can see it in the picture above were the shield is stored): "The head of the S.M. (Stato Maggiore) of the army, Pariani, noted, after the visit of the prime minister, that the semovente "sufficed", but a Breda for AA support was needed to complete it, after this, the army could order 300 units of it, but only for a breif period". Unfortunately new projects came and this one was deemed useless and then discarded.

Semovente L3 da 47/32 specifications

Dimensions (L-W-H)3.17+ x 1.4 x 1.5m
Total weight, battle readyc3.2 tons
Crew2 (driver/loader, gunner)
PropulsionFIAT-SPA CV3 4-cyl. wc gas. engine, 43 hp
Speed (road)42 kmh (26 mph)
Range (road)Unknown
Armament47mm Cannone da 47/32 mod. 1935 (53 rounds)
Armor6-14mm, gun shield 10mm
Total production1 prototype
Semovente da 47/32

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