SBA-60K2 Bulat (2013)

Russia (2013) c65 built
The SBA-60K2 Bulat armored personnel carrier (APC) was developed by Kamaz and Zaschita in 2010-2013 as a BPM-97 6x6 vehicle development as a MRAP vehicle. 15 were purchased by the Russian Army by late 2014, ordering 50 more from Zashcita. The vehicle has not been deployed in Ukraine recently.

The SBA-60K2 in brief

Bulat presented at Interpolitex 2013

The SBA-60K2 Bulat armored personnel carrier (APC) was jointly developed by Kamaz and Zaschita as private venture in order to replace the BMP-97. For some sources it sis even a variant of the BPM-97 Vystrel Kamaz 43269 4x4 armoured vehicle personnel carrier. Development started in 2010, until 2013.

Compared to the previous BPM-97, it is closer to its 6x6 version, but upgraded as being mine-resistant and ambush protected, so basically a MRAP. It was also sold as beinf capable of missions such as troop transport, equipment transport, patrol and convoy escort as well as and Mine & IED disposal. However due to the finances of Russia at the time, only 15 basic Bulat APCs were ordered and received by late 2014, with 50 more from Zashcita (current status unknown). Variants are still presented at each Armiya military fairs yearly.


The Bulat SBA-60-K2 in general outlines recalled the venerable BTR-152 by its general shape and diemensions, same front engine configuration, sloped armour for the cabin in which the commander and driver are seated. The troop compartment is at the rear, since it's still an APC. The vehicle was generated from a knowned and trusted chassis, of the KamAZ-5350 6x6 wheeled utility truck. It was basically fitted with a fully enclosed armored hull.

The troop compartment is large enough for 8 seats, and full equippement, entering/exiting through the twin rear doors, opening outwards. Each is dotted with a single bulletproof glass window with the firing port below. The roof is fitted with 6 hatches to fire on the move as customary, while the hull's sides have builtin openings for three to four bulletproof glass windows and firing port beneath each one. There is however a distinctive gap in height between the cabin and rear compartment, better protected against mines. The front driver/co-driver are better protected by the front axle.

Powerplant & Mobility

Bulat showing its mobility at Interpolitex 2013

The Bulat is powered by a KamAZ-740.31-240 turbocharged diesel (same as on the KamAZ-5350) EURO 3-compliant and rated for 240 hp. It is conneted to a 10-speed (8+2 reverse) manual transmission. The company also proposed a EURO 4-compliant diesel developing 280 hp (206 kW). The consortium also stated that a 400 hp diesel could be ftted with a fully automatic gearbox.

The wheeled 6x6 configuration is not a guarantee of cross-country excellence as the vehicle is heavier than the BTR-152, however to deal with muddy/snowy terrain there is also a central tyre inflation system. Like the BTR-152 also and inspired by WW2 US halftracks sent in lend-lease, it has a prominent self-recovery winch.

Top speed is stated as 90 km/h (56 mph) on road, and its fuel capacity is 420 litres in two 210 litres fuel tanks for a range of 800 km when taxiing, far less when off-road.


The armour on the Bulat is rated GOST R 50963-96 Level 6. It is proven against 7.62 mm SVD Dragunov sniper rifle fire and shrapnel. It's high-angled plated armour add its slopes to defeat incoming rounds at all angles, whereas the chassis belly features a limited V-shaped hull for better protection against mine and IED, and reinforced to survive a one kg of TNT blast. The troop compartment is given mine-resistant seats also.

Armament & Equipment

The Bulat can unlike the BTR-152 is armed with a remotely controlled (RWS) 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun, any compatible armament including a grenade launcher should be installed. C1000 or 500 rounds estimated are stored in that case. It is manned from inside the troop compartment.

Standard equipment, apart the unditching winch roller forward, NBC protection, air conditioning, extra heating, as well as an automatic engine compartment fire suppression system. The troop compartment is equipped with racks for storing personal weapons. Among options, a SATNAV system (satellite-based land navigation system) is proposed and for urban combat, cameras for 360-degree situational awareness.


The RAT anti-UAV variant, displayed at Amiya 2020. So far no customer choosed it. Laser anti-drone complex "Rat`h": This is a dedicated anti-UAV (drones) variants, but very little information is available on its real capabilities nor if the vehicle was deployed in Ukraine.

Listva mine clearing and EOD vehicle: This one is fitted with an advanced mine detection and disposal equipment. The vehicle is expected to clear routes for the Topol, Topol-M or Yars road mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles and entered service allegedly with the Strategic Missile Troops in 2014.

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Zashchita Corporation has completed the development of the armored vehicle SBA-60K2 “Bulat”

SBA-60K2 Bulat specifications

Dimensions (L-w-h)8 x 2.5 x 2.6 m
Total weight, battle ready 15.9–19.5 t
Crew2+8 passengers
PropulsionKamAZ-740.31-240 diesel 240 hp
Speed (land/water)90 km/h
Range (on flat)800 km
Armament1× 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm
Armor7.62 mm max
Total production65


The previous BMP-97 Vystrel

SBA-60K2 Bulat

SBA-60K2 camo
SBA-60K2 Camouflaged


RAT anti UAV vehicle demonstrator at Armiya 2020

15M107 Listva Army-2022


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